Scent free storage bag for your hunting clothing large size carrier Bottomless 26 by Watson Airlock


Scent free storage bag for your hunting clothing large size carrier Bottomless 26 by Watson Airlock

SIZE: 26”L x 18”H x 15”D

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Scent free storage bag for your hunting clothing large size carrier Bottomless 26 by Watson Airlock

This travel bag has over 7000 cubic inches of water resistant storage for your hunting clothes, boots and accessories. A 4680 cubic inch scent free clothing compartment, separate base compartment for your boots, integrated double layer changing mat, external pockets and a detachable tree stand field pouch. Wheel, hand or shoulder carry.

SIZE: 26”L x 18”H x 15”D   For Greater Detail, see the description tab below

The Bottomless26 is made of premium nylon and polyester Barrier™ fabrics. All fabric components are treated on both sides (multiple times) with our exclusive Back2Back® 2 Sided fabric coating. This will protect your clothing and gear from water, odors and abrasion. For added protection and to create a scent free storage area for your clothing, the pink contrast lining is Back2Back® coated and seam sealed. The Camo Series gear bags all include large, premium YKK zippers and buckles- the best of the best- so you won’t have to worry about a broken zipper interfering with your hunt. Premium outdoor threads are used at all sewing locations, and our gear bags are box stitched and reinforced with bar tacks for additional durability. To make the bags even more water resistant, we coated the back side of the embroidery locations. A powder coated steel frame is mounted in the base section for added structure.
With these system components in place, your clothing is stored in a seam sealed lining that is multi-layer coated on both sides of the fabric. The lining is sewn inside the multi-layered coated outer shell only at the top perimeter. By only attaching the lining at the top perimeter, this allows the lining to be extended outside of the external shell to easily clean and remove debris. Full scent protection is acquired by rolling the top section of the bag over itself two times and attaching the buckles. After the top section of the bag is rolled and securely buckled, outside elements must penetrate both the coatings, the outer shell and inner lining to contact your clothing
Launder your hunting clothes, hats, gloves and accessories in your favorite scent free detergent or carbon wash. Place the laundered garments into the pink liner section of the Bottomless26. Zip the two lining zippers to the center until they meet. Push the air out of the bag. Using the stiffener band at the top section of the bag, begin to roll the bag over onto itself and complete at least two full rotations. Secure the outside buckles to the buckles located on the sidewall. Your clothes will now remain protected and as dry and scent free as they were when you placed them into the bag.

Place your boots in the base section of the Bottomless26. This area is not intended to be scent protected. Accessories, dirty or wet clothes, clothing that is not scent treated, etc are intended for this storage area.

Pack the tree stand field pouch with any items you will be taking in the field during your hunt (hunting knife, flashlight, grunt calls, estrous bleats, cover and attractant scents, pull ropes, camouflage face paint, release aids, cell phone etc). Included in the front zippered pouch is an additional 60” of nylon webbing with male/female clips. After attaching the additional webbing, the pouch will serve as a fanny pack, satchel and easily extends around the even the largest of stand trees to display your essentials.

The Bottomless 26 features a tapered design, meaning that the section above the wheels is taller than the section above the extendable pull handle. When packing the bag, place your heaviest garments nearer the wheel section. This will allow the bag to stand up easily and pull smoothly.


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