CAJUN POPIT™ Inshore Spinning Rod


CAJUN POPIT™ Inshore Spinning Rod


CAJUN POPIT™ Inshore Spinning Rod

Tired of casting out and just not getting there with your popping cork rig? Working too hard at using your popping cork set-up with the wrong gear?

We have two simple words to help: “Cajun Popit™” Designed by the worlds’ leading custom fishing rod company, Cajun Custom Rods® … we’re accustomed to leading the pack in innovative fishing rod design and the Cajun Popit™ is no exception: “Build the best product at the best price for customers who desire, deserve, depend on the best fishing rods … period!”

So what’s it do? Well, in the simplest of terms, the Cajun Popit™ rod series is designed for popping cork fishing fanatics, weekenders, or warriors! Whether you tie on a long leader to drift the current of the deep or just want to cruise the flats in search of a tailing red, your Cajun Popit™ rod is custom-designed to sling, swing, launch, lob, rocket, pitch, fly, throw, bomb, and cast your popping cork rig … accurately, effortlessly, and far.

*Note: be sure your line is tied off real well to your reel … we’ve had initial reports from folks in Florida who have “spooled” their line slinging their popping cork rigs on our Cajun Popit™ rods – “Yep, threw their popping cork rigs so far they got right down to the know on their reels … and that’s a high-class problem to have when your hunting a trophy red or gator trout!”

Made in the USA and America’s only exclusively designed popping cork fishing rod, for your next inshore fishing adventure, the Cajun Popit™ rods are hammer-forged and pressure rolled using 43-million modulus high density graphite, these rods have the backbone (American tough Medium Power) and sensitivity (USA FAST Tapers) that can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’! Our Cajun Popit™ rods are up to 30% lighter and 100% stronger than its closest competitor and this means these rods are “fish-catchin’ machines.” Each rod is 7’6” and provides a new tool to your traditional arsenal of fishing hardware … a popping cork fishing rod designed for fishing popping corks! Each Cajun Popit™ is loaded with inshore fishing features fit for a pro and at a price that’ll keep the “green stuff” in your wallet. The Cajun Popit™ rods are offered in spinning models of three colors: Neon Green, Neon Orange, and Neon Yellow.

So no matter your style, Cajun Custom Rods® has ensured you can bounce, bob, plug, chug, drag, drift, or cruise your popping cork rig … so go ahead, “Cajun Popit™ and make some noise … you’re gonna’ love how you fish … we guarantee it!”

7’6” | Medium Power | Fast Action | 10-17 lb | ¼-3/4 oz

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 4 × 4 in


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