Bring a Cajun Smallmouth-Bomb™ rod to your next smallmouth battle and you’ll stack your deck with one of the meanest rod tapers, reactive rod tips, and heavyweight hook sets on the water! We all know that the Brown Bass outfights any similar-sized fish species, so why not use the best smallmouth fishing rod to take em’ to the mat? Well now you can hook em’, pin em’, and land em’ … match, set, game … with your Cajun Smallmouth-Bomb™ line of rods!

Designed to pitch, flip, jerk, twitch, bounce, drag, spin, skip, crank, or throw your smallmouth bass lure of choice, you can rest assured you’ll fish with the confidence knowing that you’re gonna’ feel the lightest of bites, hammer down your hook-sets, and turn em’ with controlling ease to your net. These lightweight and powerful rods are designed with a Medium Heavy Power backbone and a Fast Action (closer to being Extra Fast) rod tip to feel the future of your next bite while you’re out on the water. Engineered and Made In America, your Cajun Smallmouth-Bomb™ leverages a proprietary blend of American made graphite fibers (33 and 42 million modulus in all the right places) so you’ll never have to worry about having enough leverage to tangle with a smallie … ‘cause these rods are built to “go the distance!”

When we began looking for a smallmouth rod, we spent some time on the water with other folks’ designs … taking notes of what we “liked” and “didn’t like” … what “worked” and “didn’t work” … and then got to work ourselves to develop, build, and offer the best smallmouth fishing rod at a price point everyone can afford. The outcome of our research and field testing was a unique fishing rod that met our exacting requirements for a smallmouth bass, species-specific, casting rod that would never break the bank and didn’t “just get the job done, but excel at doing one thing well … and one thing only … catching football-sized Smallmouth Bass.”

Handcrafted in a split grip (no foregrip) configuration to reduce weight and increase rod sensitivity, using a time-tested blank-through Fuji® casting reel seat, the finest Portuguese cork with High Density End (to protect your assets), and our low profile micro guide train set-up (precision-tuned by hand) with SS316 micro casting guides, your Cajun Smallmouth-Bomb™ is the lightest, strongest, most sensitive smallmouth fishing rod in its class … and even better, at a price that we can all afford!

Cajun Smallmouth-Bomb™ casting rods are finished in a light gloss, Bayou Moss Green – absolutely stunning! We know our rods, we know fishing, and we know that the Cajun Smallmouth-Bomb™ casting rod is the #1 and he best smallmouth or brown bass fishing rod in America and it’s gonna’ take your passion for smallmouth and brown bass fishing to a whole new level!

“Bring the heat, pull the pin, and sort em’ out from every rockpile, point, or deep current … in style … and with confidence!”

Cajun Smallmouth-Bomb™ CSB70-MHF ROD SPECIFICATIONS:
7? | Medium Heavy Power | Fast Action | 8-15 lb | 1/4-1 oz

Freshwater Casting Rods

Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Rockfish, Wipers

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 4 × 4 in


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