KOAH Battle Axe Speargun


KOAH Battle Axe Speargun – Comes standard with 2 shafts and a Go-Pro mount



KOAH Battle Axe Speargun

The Ultimate Freeshafting Speargun. The KOAH Battle Axe Speargun was born from the demand to have a freeshafting speargun with the ability to switch to line shaft instantly without having to re-line the gun or leave the mono hanging to catch on anything below it. With the combination of a machined line release, specialized bungee with 600lb spectra and the blueprint from its predecessor , the “Click n Fire” it was possible. The line actually stays tight to the gun when you switch to the line system and stays tightly stowed when free shafting.  The speargun is built with a 3/4 long epoxy/graphite enclosed track to keep the guess work out of getting the shaft back into the track while still having the accuracy and performance of an enclosed track.  The gun has a wide loading butt to make hip loading as easy as possible with two 5/8 bands give you the option for more or less power. A go-pro mount is also installed on every KOAH Battle Axe Speargun.


Standard Equipment
– Quick-slide line system
– Poured glass and graphite filled epoxy track with extra long opening for easy loading
– Built to hold two spare shafts without a problem
– AR-15 interchangeable grip

Additional information

Weight N/A
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48", 52", 55", 57"


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