Mid handle and rear-plus Fatback Speargun


KOAH Euro Speargun custom made wood speargun

It is solid weight ballasted/balanced, trimmed down and rounded in the middle for easy tracking and comfortable grip . Channels were removed in the top of the gun to give better line of sight by keeping the bands away from the shaft. The muzzle has individual band holes for each band to bring ease to band changes. The gun is equally thick at the front and rear of the gun so adding spare shafts/holders isn’t a problem.The KOAH Fatback will deliver the optimum balance of mobility, power, tracking and accuracy while minimizing recoil every time you fire.

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Koah Speargun

KOAH Speargun Mid Handle and Rear Handle plus spearguns have maximize band stretch by using the entire stock of the speargun.  The trigger mechanism was moved to the rear of the gun and they added a remote trigger and push rod to control the mechanism from a more forward position. You get maximum power in a smaller package. For  example, a 50in Rear handle plus would have the equivalent band stretch and shaft of a 54 standard. The Mid Handle’s unique handle position allows spearfishermen to pivot  and swing the gun with little effort for fish that catch you off guard or are on the run.  Custom built this speargun not only has incredible range but will piece of art to have for years.

The building process for all KOAH spearguns starts at  the “rough sawn lumber” stage. Whether its Burmese teak, Sipo Mahogany, Purple heart or Padauk, All lumber is of the highest grade FEQ and FAS quality. Majority of the lumber is hand picked to help ensure straightest boards.  After lumber is straightened milled and cut to size. Any rips that warp past 1/16 of an inch are discarded. Each exotic hardwood behaves differently therefore  different numbers of laminates and thickness.  After coating the laminates with the highest grade marine epoxy, the blanks are sent to our press where they are heat treated to 150 degrees to relax the grain and further promote a straight board  while being put under an even 1000ft/lbs of pressure to obtain an incredibly strong  bond.  Blanks are then hooked and hung to age in their natural state, vertically. Using high end industrial hydraulic slide  saws, we straighten the aged blanks to within 1/64in tolerance. With our one of a kind jigs the wood can only mill to a perfect 90 degrees.  Then its off to the pouring of the track which consists of 5 separate parts and when cured essentially becomes part of the speargun.  Incredibly fast and packed with enough fiber to make it virtually indestructible. We have literally poured “miles” of enclosed track and have mastered the process to give you the best enclosed track in the industry. No plastic tracks in our shop.  Then its off to the router tables and industrial sharpers for precision shaping to ensure flawless round-overs and clean mass removal. Enclosed track of 9/32, 5/16 or 3/8 is cut, trigger mechanism pocket is removed and band holes are cut. This is  followed up by primary shaping of the entire gun along with fit and finish of the line anchor and handle.  After shaping, the guns go off to finish sanding where any normal marks from blade vibration, transitions and curves are all brought to uniform smoothness. Solid lead ballasting is then added to balance the speargun and counteract re-coil.   Bluewater and Tuna guns are sent to the water tank for custom ballasting.  Then base coats of a UV protective epoxy are applied followed by 3 finish coats of our own rock hard UV protective clear coat that provides years of protection from all the elements.

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44", 48", 50", 52", 54", 57", 60"


Rear Handle, Mid Handle


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