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Welcome to Always an Adventure, where adventure is an attitude about life. We believe every day is a new opportunity to explore new things and create amazing memories. Our items are handpicked with you in mind, the outdoors enthusiast who is passionate about being on the water (whether it be fishing, diving, boating, kayaking, or surfing) or a lover of nature (hunting, camping, grilling or gardening).

We established this business so you can easily connect with craftsmen that have very unique products that can’t be found in chain stores. That’s why our motto is “unique items for unique people”. As customers ourselves, we know how hard it is to find new and innovative goods that are being developed by startup companies and “mom and pop” businesses. It is our goal to highlight these unique products and provide you with an easy and satisfying purchasing experience. Not only are you supporting small business owners all over the country but also owning customized products specifically designed for the outdoor enthusiast. We believe that like most outdoor enthusiasts, we all have many hobbies that naturally cross over so we have a slogan “Why not do it all”.

Being outdoor enthusiasts just like you, we search to find great products that we would want to personally buy for ourselves. We want to grow with our consumers’ wants and needs in mind so please, if you know of a unique product or if you make a great product, let us know about it. We also have a Braggin’ Board so that you can share your pictures and stories from your ADVENTURES. We welcome a conversation and would appreciate you joining our mailing list so that we can have the privilege of calling you “friend”.

Rohn and Ann

Just a little background about us: Now married, we joke about our first date being an opportunity to just go fishing.

Growing up in a military family and also serving himself, Rohn has lived all over the US and abroad but his roots and family are in the New Hampshire seacoast. Rohn is our blogger who will share stories from his days fishing in New England as well as his adventures offshore in the gulfstream. Look for videos coming soon from our offshore trips starting with the opening of Cobia season.

Ann is originally from rural and coastal Eastern North Carolina. Her roots are in fishing, hunting and being outdoors especially at her beloved Outer Banks where as a child she laughingly played on the beach, surf fished with her grandfather for puppy drum and rode in a Bronco with PVC fishing rod holders on the front bumper, (you know the kind…); as well as Ocracoke Island which she calls “heaven on earth;” and with her father batting down the hatches while sailing (so she claims!!) on the Albemarle Sound which provided enough sea-sickness for a lifetime.

We are fortunate to call home the beautiful area of Savannah, GA. We enjoy offshore fishing and camping (with our 2nd self-proclaimed family) in and around the various barrier islands that protect Georgia’s coast. We also enjoy diving, spearfishing, hunting, cooking, gardening and all the other categories that are included on this website.


Mary Lee

MaryLee is our resident mermaid and our social media expert. She can cook the best deer meat you have ever eaten. She has an aversion to snakes but has cooked it as well as other “exotic” game. She loves to travel and has looked for mermaids in Alaska, the Panama Canal, the Virgin Islands and Italy (to name a few.) She is quite the adventurer but loves to sit on her patio with a cup of coffee and watch the birds, cuss the squirrels and enjoy her citrus trees, banana trees and plants.

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