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Dual Batteries

So we had a dual battery switch installed on our last boat. It was an 18’ sailfish. We wanted to take the boat offshore about 30 miles and wanted the peace of mind that we would have an alternate source of power in case the battery died. We asked when we had it installed what […]

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Skipjack and B-liners

Tournament Adventure

Tournament Adventure We entered into our first fishing tournament this past weekend with the SSFC. It was their Powder Puff tournament which is a Ladies’ only event. We had a plan for how we would attack our tournament adventure when we started the day. We intended to steam out to the Deli at first light […]

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Happy Fisherwomen

Derby Girls – Winni Derby

Derby Girls My Sisters made it up to Lake Winnipesaukee for the annual Winni Derby this weekend. They caught a Salmon for each day out, one at 18″, one at 20″ and one at 21″. None were large enough to win any tournament prizes, but the Derby Girls had a great weekend. (See how happy they look)? Congratulations […]

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Sunday's catch 2

Sunday’s Adventure

We finally got the boat out of hibernation on Sunday and headed out to the Snapper Banks. There were 4 of us on the boat and we took advantage of the trip to put our Sea Angler Gear Fish bag to use. We caught some Vermillion Snapper (B-liners), Black Sea Bass, Red Porgies, Jolthead Porgies, […]

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Murphy’s Law

I always loved still hunting. Growing up, I would skip school to go hunting in the fall, sometimes with friends, but usually alone. In my 20’s I bought a climbing tree stand that raised my enjoyment even more. I loved to head out in the morning, still hunt all day and around 3 to 3:30, […]

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One of the most powerful fish I have ever caught is the Amberjack. Ann and I have caught them all over the Savannah snapper banks, the Betsy Ross reef, Hilton head reef and the naval towers off of Georgia’s coast. When we’ve talked to local fishermen about eating them, it seems it always comes down […]

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