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Our Boat

We had an 18 foot sailfish for about 5 years. We bought it from a coast guard mechanic who had taken good care of it and we always kept it well serviced as well. We would run it through the local rivers and out to about 30 miles off-shore to fish the local reefs. As […]

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Stinger hooks

There has been twice now that I have learned the true meaning behind “stinger hooks.” The first time, my wife caught a big Spanish mackerel on a butterfly jig and it wriggled free as I was trying to get the hook out. As it fell out of my hand, the stinger hook caught the palm […]

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Cape Fear Jacket

Cape fear is one of the vendors on our site. Ann and I each bought a jacket to try before launching the site. I wore the jacket to work a couple of days ago. It was 52 degrees and was supposed to hit close to 80 that day, so I took the motorcycle in. I […]

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